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National Cancer Awareness Day
Every First Saturday of August

National Cancer Awareness Day
It’s all about supporting the fight against cancer, honoring the survivors and remembering those who will forever live in our hearts.”  Donald L. Crutch

Founder of the National Pink Tie Organization

Imagine the entire nation coming together on one day to battle cancer. Can you think of a better way for individuals and organizations alike to raise awareness and send the message that ending cancer needs to be a national health priority?

The National Pink Tie Organization is proposing a National Cancer Awareness Day to do just that.

Every city in every state in the nation will come together on the same day in August to sponsor fundraisers and offer forums, public information campaigns and other events for one goal: To raise awareness and educate their citizens about the resources available in their community in the fight against cancer.

Emphasis will be placed on prevention and early detection through health screenings and promotion of healthy lifestyles that include a proper diet, exercise and a smoke-free environment.

According to the American Cancer Society, “In 2012, about 571,950 Americans are expected to die of cancer – that’s more than 1,600 people a day. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the United States, exceeded only by heart disease. Cancer accounts for nearly 1 out of every 4 deaths in the United States.”

Beyond the physical and emotional costs of cancer, the financial cost is also high. The National Institutes of Health estimated the 2010 overall annual cost of cancer to total $263.8 billion. In these tough economic times, this is one area where we can work together as a nation to not only save lives, but save money, too.

Our nation devotes each month of the year except August and December to cancer awareness: January – cervical cancer; February – World Cancer Day (Feb. 4); March – Colorectal cancer; April – cancer control month; May - melanoma/skin cancer; June – Men’s health/cancer awareness; July – UV safety month; September – prostate cancer; October – breast cancer; November – pancreatic and lung cancer.

The National Pink Tie Organization is proposing every first Saturday of August to be National Cancer Awareness Day so that cities can honor the memory of those residents who they have lost and celebrate the survivors who inspire us through their strength and courage. Will you join us in observing this event in your city?