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Chefs Appreciation Week
Every third Week of August

Appreciating Chefs worldwide for their great work in the food industry and for our communities!

“Chefs feed and nurture us throughout our lives.

But who is there for them when they fall?”

Donald Crutch, Founder of The National Pink Tie Organization


The National Pink Tie Organization is a voluntary organization dedicated to raising awareness among men to help support the fight against cancer, all types of cancer. These men band together in their respective professions or areas of interest to help raise awareness, educate and raise funds to fight against cancer. Who are these men? Your neighbors – chefs, musicians, mechanics, plumbers, accountants and many other professions that are weekend athletes that play golf, rugby, tennis, lift weights, and even run. The National Pink Tie Organization realizes that we have different interests and professions and the best way to join people together in a cause is through their own respective areas of interest.


Donald Crutch, the founder of The National Pink Tie Organization understands what it is to lose someone to cancer. His first wife died of cancer and he knew he had to do something to help families with the day-to-day tolls this disease takes on a family emotionally, financially, and spiritually. 


We are presently planning our annual event entitled Chefs Against Cancer presents Chef's Appreciation Week. The main reason of our success in organizing this event has always been the incredible support we have received from our chefs, community and sponsors who have been behind us every step of the way.


In 2013 the founder Donald L. Crutch of the National Pink Tie Organization “Chefs Against Cancer” division wanted to recognize chefs and those serving in the culinary industry for their great talents and hard work in every community worldwide together.

Chef’s Appreciation Day was formed, in 2015 Chef’s Appreciation Week will be observed every third week of August. The observance of Chef’s Appreciation Week not only preserves the historical significance, but helps focus attention on the important purpose of Chef’s Appreciation Week. A celebration to honor and recognize all chefs for their dedication, love of culinary, and willingness to serve their community for the common good.

In order to insure proper and widespread observance of this recognition, all chefs, all culinary organizations, and the entire citizenry will need to be informed about this outstanding honor and celebration.


“Isaac”* was a great executive chef with an excellent restaurant when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He tried to focus on the thing he most loved. “I tried to cook my way through the pain. That’s what gave me the love I needed each day. Nothing was better for me than seeing the joy on peoples’ faces as they ate my food,” Isaac said. “But after a while, I just didn’t have the strength to cook any more. There was no more glory, no sunshine. My life became very dark after that.” As Isaac faded “like a shiny red apple turning brown,” so too did the support and assistance from the restaurant and culinary community. Isaac soon passed away. He simply did not have the resources and support to help him through his illness. He hoped to attend the Chefs Appreciation Day at least one time to meet the others like him.


On August 16th 2014 we were so excited to receive participation from well over 2000 cities honoring their local chefs on Chef’s Appreciation Day. The National Pink Tie Organization’s Chefs Against Cancer division pushed really hard to get cities to realize you’re honoring your chefs. Even through Chefs Against Cancer wasn’t based in these cities presently, they see the importance of what Chefs Against Cancer stand for and what they will accomplish. Gratitude goes out to those who came on board to take what we initially had as a vision for Chef’s Appreciation Day and helped us thrust it into reality. You all displayed great initiative, with which we hope will spark other cities to acknowledge and act upon the good that can come from Chef’s Appreciation Day. 

The National Pink Tie Organization is seeking sponsors and supporters for the Chefs Against Cancer Annual Chefs Appreciation Week, held annually the third Saturday in August. Chefs, Physicians, Nutritionist, and Fitness Professionals from around the country will gather every third Saturday in August to promote healthy cooking and healthy lifestyle, but, most importantly, appreciate one another. Through the Master Chefs Care program, they will share new recipes, discover cutting edge culinary techniques and new trends, and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow kitchen warriors, vendors, and food distributors. Above all else, Chefs Appreciation Week helps provide chefs and their families a taste of life that shows compassion, respect and acknowledgment for their gifts. 

Will you join us in sponsoring & observing this annual event or every third week of August?

Honor the chefs in your community on this week nationwide or worldwide!!

Go to facebook http://www.facebook.com/ChefsAppreciationWeek for more information and to join us as we celebrate the country’s great chefs!

*“Isaac” is a pseudonym.

Mayor Gene McGee invited chefs from different restaurants for a photo! 


Chef Donald Crutch


National Pink Tie Organization

“It’s all about supporting the fight against cancer, honoring the survivors and remembering those who will forever live in our hearts.”  Donald L. Crutch