♦ About Us ♦

The National Pink Tie Organization (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) founded in February 2011 by Donald L. Crutch is an opportunity for men to step up and show their support as well as educate and inform our communities about cancer. We are taking a stand to empower men all over the nation to give a unified voice to the fight against cancer.

Each year in October we host the National Pink Tie Campaign where we ask men nationwide to wear a Pink tie (bow tie) to support our women and men fighting breast cancer. We’re also celebrating our survivors. This is our way of starting the conversation and raising awareness, we are also asking men to wear a fuchsia tie (bow tie) on the 12th of each month collectively to support the fight against all cancers. Just remember Real Men Wear Pink Ties.

The National Pink Tie Organization will have a number of events they will like to plan. Check the Events page for the listings. What really defines the National Pink Tie Organization is the implementation of their three Signature Programs (This will be conducted at our Cureopolis Centers which will be located nationwide)

  • C.A.N. YOU (Create a New You) Program: Assists cancer survivors in reviving their lifestyle through healthy eating, focused fitness, helping fund Plastic Surgery (if needed) Financial assistance and goal-oriented living.
  • Serenity Program: Provides tranquility and a stress free support system for terminal patients.
  • National Pink Tie Educational Support Group (E.S.G): Offers a safe place for individuals to come to gain knowledge, get answers to questions and share their stories about cancer and how it affects their life.

“It’s all about supporting the fight against cancer, honoring the survivors and remembering those who will forever live in our hearts.”
Follow the National Pink Tie Organization on Facebook at facebook.com/nationalpinktie.